1. attachment, appurtenance, appurtenant, adjunct, appanage; appendix, addendum, codicil, Law. allonge; epilogue, postscript, p.s., P.S., subjoinder, subjunction, end piece, tail piece, suffix, postfix, tag; supplement, supplementation, superaddition, addition, extension, annexation, Rare. annex-ment, annex, wing, ell; subsidiary, subdivision, division, part, section, branch, arm; member, leg, limb, tentacle, extremity; complement, completer, accessory, accompaniment; concomitant, concurrent, pendant, counterpart, corollary, correlative, Astron. comes.
2. servant, servitor, domestic, menial, hireling, acolyte, vassal, liegeman, Hist. retainer; manservant, man, valet, butler, major-domo, seneschal, factotum, steward, footman, lackey, Archaic. groom; maid, handmaid, woman, Fr. femme de chambre; cupbearer, Ganymede; All Contemptuous. flunky, satellite, slave, Sl. stooge; subordinate, underling, small fry, Inf. small potatoes; attendant, assistant, auxiliary, ancilla, aide, helper, coadjutor, coadjutress, supplementary, appendant; squire, equerry, courtier, gillie, page, foot-boy, aide-de-camp, Mil. orderly, Obs. waiter; affiliate, associate, fellow, sidekick.
3. follower, pursuivant, shadow, groupie; dependent, parasite, sycophant, leech, sponge, toady, hanger-on, Archaic. trencherman.

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